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Autumn is getting closer. Recently, we have received many inquiries about the production of sweatshirts. Our production possibilities and sample of realizations are available for your perusal ( 1 , 2 , 3 ).

Ordering PGWEAR Customs sweatshirts means that in addition to choosing colours, cuts and accessories, you can also select the type of knit. Although at first glance the differences seem small, they may turn out to be crucial in the long run.

You can choose from a selection of the so-called combed knits. It is the most popular fabric used in the production of sweatshirts. It is characterized by hair-like yarns visible on the inner side. Sweatshirts made from this type of knit are very warm, making them perfect for cold autumn and winter evenings. They are also a very comfortable to wear next to the skin. A small disadvantage of this type of fabric is the possibility of leaving small hairs on a t-shirt worn under the sweatshirt. Fortunately, the problem disappears after the first wash.

The second option is a loop knit. Instead of hair-like yarns on the inner side, there are thousands of small loops forming a fairly rough surface. This type of fabric is thinner and therefore perfect for mild weather. Sweatshirts made from loop knit are thus lighter, which improves comfort.

Both types of knitted fabrics come in a variety of colours, compositions and weights. You can choose from 100% cotton knits or fabrics with polyester content. You can also select the knit weight from a range between 280-380g/m2. If you have any questions, please write to

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