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We have already written many times about the advantages of T-shirts sewn from scratch at PGWEAR Customs. Unlike cheap T-shirts imported from the Far East, they are made of really high-quality materials. Our experience allows us to choose the best ones, which ensures that they will last for up to several hundred washing cycles. Precision in the process of cutting and sewing as well as our finely honed sewing patterns make our product look great, thanks to which the T-shirts sewn by PGWEAR Customs are high-quality apparel and not just some advertising merchandise.

In addition, sewing T-shirts from scratch provides many more decoration possibilities. The application of prints before sewing individual T-shirt elements together means that the prints can be very large, reaching from seam to seam.  The possibile colour combinations are also unlimited. The final appearance of such T-shirts depends only on your imagination.

Below, we present some of our recent designs, which are perfect examples of the opportunities you can get when you order T-shirts sewn from scratch by PGWEAR Customs.

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