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A cotton sweatshirt is one of the most popular types of garment. Most people wear it all year round,  they are  useful even during cooler nights in summer.

At PGWEAR Customs we give you a free hand. You can choose out of hundreds of different combinations, choose a desired type, colours, placement of pockets, embroidery, overprints, colours of insertions, strips or drawcords. Jacquard labels and jacquard or leather patches (which we can make for you also) match perfectly with cotton sweatshirts.

It is not possible to present all types of sweatshirts we offer, so we give some examples:


Crewneck sweatshirts – they range from plain, unicolour standard cut sweatshirts to more complicated models with insertions pulled at the sides, contrasting sleeves with a changed cut or extra stitchings


Hooded sweatshirts – a selection of different types of hoods (two- or three-element,  ninja hoods, with an extra mask or a sewn-in balaclava), types of pockets (kangaroo pouch pocket, side pockets), the look of cords, zippers and many other details – it all depends on your needs and imagination


Sweatshirts with a stand-up collar – similarly to the hooded sweatshirts, you can choose your colours, type of pockets, zippers and many other details


If you are interested in ordering cotton sweatshirts, please write to the email address

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