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At PGWEAR CUSTOMS we give You an opportunity to order shorts that are sewn according to Your design. Just like it is in case of other products You can decide about many details, i.e. the cut, colour, the placement of imprints and embroideries, pockets, the colour of strings etc.


The best choice in case of shorts of a sports cut are shorts sewn from polyester fibres e.g.: nylon or microfiber. The shorts of this sort are very light and comfortable. They are excellent for the summer and doing sports – a layer of a special net is sewn into the inside which additionally increases the comfort of wearing. This type of shorts are also very well suited for swimming.


Shorts made of cotton are also very comfortable to wear. Although they are heavier and thicker, they are still airy. They aren’t suited for swimming, but apart from that they are as functional as the polyester shorts. Besides, they are very well suited for silkscreen imprints.

If You are interested in ordering the shorts, write to us at email address

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