We often associate the word “gadget” with the advertising industry. Many manufacturers of gadgets for fans use this term to refer not only to key rings, pennants, and mugs but to clothing as well. Unfortunately, in most cases, low quality of such clothes – similar to what one can expect in the advertising industry – is a consequence of this approach. Low production costs are usually a priority. At PGWEAR Customs, the attitude to this matter is completely different. Our modern machine facilities, qualified staff, many years of experience, and above all, a continuous endeavour to improve the quality of products, allows us to call ourselves a manufacturer of high-quality wear – not gadgets – with full responsibility. As we are supporters ourselves, our offer is mainly addressed to supporters as well. The combination of our passion with knowledge and experience in the clothing industry allows us to perfectly understand your needs and meet the requirements of even the most complex of orders. If you order clothing at PGWEAR Customs, you can be sure that:

– we will use proven and well-designed sewing patterns to sew it, ensuring a perfect look,
– we will use high-quality materials to manufacture our items to guarantee durability so that our clothing lasts for many years,
– we consider quality to be a crucial aspect at every stage of the manufacturing process so that you can get the best fan apparel made from scratch according to your design!


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If you have any questions, send an e-mail to customs@pgwear.net

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