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The technique of weaving jacquards has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. This traditional method owes its popularity to high quality and the timeless appearance of products created using it.

At PGWEAR Customs, we always offer you and recommend accessories made using this method. These are various types of tags and patches. You can decide to choose:

– classic labels for sewing in the neck seam

– labels with side flaps sewn outside or inside, anywhere

– book cover labels – these are sewn in at the ends of the sleeves, on the lower edges of clothing

Jacquard labels are an essential addition to any type of clothing. They allow you to make the clothes you order unique at a low cost.

In addition to labels, the technique is also great at creating patches. This is a great alternative to classic embroidery, especially when there is a need to reproduce complicated patterns on a small area.

If you are interested in ordering clothing with this type of accessories or have any questions – write to us at the address

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