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When you decide to order in PGWEAR Customs you can be assured that we will make every effort to give you the perfect product. For the last 10 years we have gained a lot of experience in the selection of woven and knitted fabrics as well as other materials used in the manufacture of garments. Templates we use for sewing clothes have been refined over the years so that the cuts and sizes are perfect. Our production team consists of people with many years of experience who know that quality is our priority.

Despite this, many of you, in particular when ordering from us for the first time, are concerned that the ordered product might not meet all of your expectations. In addition to the quality, your doubts are raised by the compliance of the product with your imagination. We understand that not everything can be explained by phone or email. Therefore, in such cases, we offer you a creation of prototype before carrying out of the entire order. This way you will not worry about details such as the quality and type of used woven or knitted fabric, the cut, the dimensions, colors etc. The creation of such a model will extend the production process for a few days but you can be confident that your final product will be compatible with the prototype.

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