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PGWEAR Customs has been successfully delivering individual orders for 10 years. The idea of setting up this kind of business evolved from our grand passion for football and fanatical support. All items developed by PGWEAR Customs are created with careful attention to detail, using top quality materials.

We are very proud of the quality of all individual orders we have completed so far, and that is why we would like these products to carry the PGWEAR Customs tag. Of course, we do not want to force you to do that. Many of you have chosen to order and attach your own labels, which we strongly support. (more about our label production service). However, if you do not plan to order your individual labels, you may enjoy our proposal. To us, it will be a great advertisement if after many years of wearing and washing your T-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket which, by the way, still looks amazing, you will see the words PGWEAR Customs in the neck!:)

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