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               At PGWEAR Customs most often you order sweatshirts, jackets and T-shirts. Trousers are much less popular and yet they are also an important element of clothing. We offer you the opportunity to order many types of trousers:

– cargo-type trousers – we sew them from high quality cotton fabrics. The characteristic cut with large side pockets is the quintessence of practicality and comfort. High quality materials will ensure long-term durability

– chinos-type trousers – we also sew them from cotton fabrics, but they have a much simpler and thus more elegant cut

– tracksuit bottoms made of cotton knitted fabrics – we produce them using high quality combed or looped knitted fabrics. They will ensure the highest possible comfort of use

– tracksuit bottoms made of polyester knitted fabrics – we sew them from knitted fabrics made of 100% polyester or polyester mixed with cotton. It is a guarantee of comfort and a classic look.

You can also order other types of trousers at PGWEAR Customs. Our 14 years of experience is your guarantee of good quality of these products.

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