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The appearance of clothes is of course most important. However, if we wear a piece of clothing long enough we also start to pay attention to the left side. Small details can make an ordinary t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket look outstanding.


We suggest sewing in dedicated jacquard tags with the company logo and separate ones with the size information in the „neck part” of the clothing piece.

A great solution is also applying a neck band. It may be uniform, with the color of the fabric or it may be contrasting. There’s also the possibility to sew in a neck band with a print-on.


A sublimation print-on  allows to reflect  even very small details in the full color range.


A small screen print also looks good in this place.


It may be applied directly on the shirt or on a special fabric emblem sewn in.


It is also recommended to consider applying dedicated tags with washing instructions…

The above accessories may of course be variously combined. In case you’re interested in ordering t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with these kinds of accessories write to us

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