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We have mentioned jacquard labels a couple of times. We have said in the past that they are a necessary addition, making your product truly unique. We are able to sew them into all types of ordered clothing, the type of label depending on its placement:

–          The most popular type is a classic neck label. This type of label may be weaved one – or two-sided. They are folded in half, with a special place for sewing into the stitch. Of course, their exact measurements are up to you, usually they are 4 x 4 cm.

–          “Book cover” type of label – very similar to neck labels. However, their folds are ironed, which allows for their wider range of use. This type of label may be sewn onto clothing hems. Your logo may be woven into both sides of the label, in a way allowing for it to be sewn edge up (as in the upper part of hat overlap, on a hood), and down (on sleeve edges, T-shirt bottoms). The “book cover” type of label is also great for double-sided clothing.

–          “Flag” type labels – at first sight, also very similar to neck labels. The place for sewing in is located at the side of the label, making it perfect for sewing into T-shirt, hoodies, pants or jacket side stitches.

–          One-part labels – not double-folded, may have additional ironed folds to facilitate aesthetic sewing-in. Labels of this type are ideal for stitching inside and outside clothing, away from stitches and edges.

If you are interested in ordering clothes with jacquard labels or just labels, contact us at

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