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In PGWEAR CUSTOMS, we give our clients an opportunity to buy balaclavas and neck covers made according to their individual specifications.

We offer several types of our products:

–      Acrylic balaclavas: plain, with any knitted pattern or striped. You may also choose the number of holes: two separate holes or one bigger hole for the eyes, with or without mouth hole. Naturally, it is also possible to embroider this type of balaclavas or sew patches or labels on them.


–      Cotton balaclavas: they are made of cotton with a small amount of Lycra, which is why they are flexible and tightly fit the head. They may be plain or two-colour. We may decorate them with printed designs, embroidery, patches or labels.


–      Action Hats: 2 in 1. They are perfect as winter hat but, if necessary, they may be unrolled and unzipped, thereby uncovering the eyes, and used as balaclava.


–      Cotton neck covers: they are lightweight, perfectly mask the face from the eyes line down to the neck. They can be decorated the same way as cotton balaclavas (with imprints, embroidery, labels etc.).

–      Fleece neck covers: they are perfect for cooler days as fleece is a warm and soft fabric; neck covers of this type may also be used as a scarf alternative.


If you are interested in ordering balaclavas or neck covers, contact us at

The minimum order quantity starts at 20 pieces!

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