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We have wrote many times for You about the solutions protecting a face, which we can offer You to sweatshirts and jackets ordered by You. You can choose from masks fastened with Velcro, balaclavas sewn in the collar and fastened with a zip or masks made of net. However, many of You still prefer classic balaclavas. At PGWEAR Customs we offer You several types of them:

– acrylic balaclavas – the most popular knitted balaclavas with a classic look. Ordering them You can decide on the pattern in stripes or putting on them any graphics. Because of the specificity of the method of production of the pattern these graphics cannot be too complicated.

– cotton balaclavas – we sew them of cotton knitted fabric with slight addition of elastane. Thanks to it they fit very well to the head. This type of balaclavas are very suitable for printed designs with the method of screen printing, classic method used for making clothes, guaranteeing perfect quality and look.

– polyester balaclavas – they give opportunity to put any graphics with the use of method of sublimation, we sew them of good quality, breathable polyester knitted fabric.

If You are interested in ordering our products or if You have any questions, write to us at the following address:

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  • Rayan

    Hello to you PGWEAR, I love your job. I would like a simple black cotton hood, with two vertical stripes light blue and white that pass in the middle of the hood, I would like to see a drawing to comfirm my request thank you

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