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For many of you, custom made clothing is a T-shirt or sweatshirt with your own print on the chest. You are right, but the possibilities behind this phrase are UNLIMITED. In the production department of PGWEAR Customs, apart from cutters and dressmakers, there are also clothing technologists and  graphic designers.  Their work allows for an individual approach to every smallest element of clothing.

What can you decide about when placing an order with PGWEAR Customs? In fact – ABOUT EVERYTHING! However, let’s try to gather the most important information that may be useful when contacting us:

-the model of the ordered product – at PGWEAR Customs you have access to hundreds of proven tailoring templates for each product category. If necessary, you can ask us to create your own, unique tailoring patterns

-sizing the ordered products – there are no restrictions in this matter. If you prefer slim fit or oversize clothing, just mention it when placing your order. We also have no restrictions when it comes to choosing specific sizes. You can order clothing in children’s and women’s sizes, as well as in unusual sizes such as: 5XL, 6XL, and even 7XL!

-materials used in the production process – Our many years of experience have allowed us to select suppliers of the highest quality knitted fabrics and fabrics. At PGWEAR Customs, you have access to standard types of materials, but also the possibility of ordering non-standard, custom-made products that meet your expectations in 100%, e.g. fabrics dyed exactly in the colors of your clubs, striped knitted fabrics, ecological materials and fabrics covered with waterproof finish and much more.

– non-standard solutions – production of clothes from scratch gives us completely unlimited possibilities in such matters as: combining different colors and types of knitted fabrics in one product, using contrasting accessories and add-ons (buttons, zippers, seams, neck tapes, strings), making very large prints and embroideries, sewing on sublimated/jacquard stripes, as well as the use of solutions that work well at the stadium: hidden pockets, masks and balaclavas integrated with the hood.

The possibilities are endless, so it is impossible to list all the modifications that you can decide about when ordering clothes from PGWEAR Customs. Our sales department has extensive experience in advising clients on non-standard solutions. The most important issue is such a combination of production capabilities and your requirements that the final product looks as you dreamed it and is the highest quality one.

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