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T-shirts are some of the simplest elements to produce in our wardrobe. The uncomplicated cut and a small number of stitches mean that a T-shirt can be sewn by every tailor. At PGWEAR Customs, we pay a lot of attention to details. Even in the case of T-shirts, we have perfected the tailoring templates. We use the highest quality fabrics for their production. This guarantees above-average durability, good appearance and comfortable wearing.

For T-shirts, there are projects that require much more work than usual. Below we present photos from the implementation of the Lidokurve T-shirt. This project required our employees to work intensively on the development of the proper location of the sewn-in stripes and prints. While sewing, the PGWEAR Customs team had to demonstrate incredible precision. Even a few millimeter shifts would ruin the whole effect. The logo on the front and the inscription on the back were made by means of screen printing. The stripes were printed using sublimation on a knitted fabric with a large admixture of polyester.

At PGWEAR Customs, we are not afraid of challenges! If you would like to place an order or if you have a question, e-mail us at

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