Many of you purchasing individual clothing have concerns about the quality of the final product. We understand this because we know that many companies realizing such orders still treat them as advertising gadgets rather than real clothing. In PGWEAR Customs the quality has always been a priority, so you can be sure we will do our best to keep the quality as good as possible. Realizing even the smallest orders, we pay attention to little but important details such as simple seams, no sticking out threads, precision of printing and much more. We want you to be able to call every product we produce for you the clothing, and we want the quality to be no worse than the quality of products of the best clothing brands.


How do we control quality?

  • At the very beginning, even at the design and files preparing stage, we always ask you to check it thoroughly. We also send you detailed visualizations. Without your approval, we will not start the proper production process.

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  • After the final acceptance of the files, in the case of more complex orders, we create a model that we send you by courier. Thanks to that you can check “live” all the details.

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  • During the proper production process, quality control is carried out on a regular basis. Every piece of clothing, every print or embroidery is checked many times.

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  • Additional and final quality control is performed during packaging. All products are thoroughly inspected and cleaned. So, there is no place for errors!

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