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Every day we receive dozens of inquiries for a product quote from you. Some of you ask us about standard prices for an entire product group without outlining the project. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer such inquiries in specific terms because each project is different and the prices depend on a number of factors. However, we neither require you to send us the final design nor a detailed visualization. All we need is graphic files and a description, and we will take care of the rest. What do the prices at PGWEAR Customs depend on?

– order quantity – it has a great impact on the quotation as at each stage of production the scale effect allows us to reduce unit costs. One of first processes is a good example, namely cutting. Layers of knitted fabric are placed on a large cutting table, from which individual elements of your clothing are cut out. The process of cutting 30 pieces differs from that of cutting 100 pieces only in the time of stacking a greater number of layers, so the cutting cost per 1 piece of the product is much lower in the case of a larger order.

– print – in the case of the screen printing method, the number of colours used has the greatest impact on the price. Each colour requires the creation of an individual screen. The price of the print also depends on its size and the applied special effects, i.e. convex print, print with water-based paint.

– embroidery – in the case of embroidery, the number of colours is not as important as the size of the pattern and the complexity of the graphic design, which determines the number of needle hits required to create a pattern. 

– type of knitted fabric used – regardless of what type of clothing you want to order, we always offer you various options that differ in composition, weight and finish.

– customized solutions and accessories – all kinds of decorative stitching, additional pockets, balaclavas or masks integrated with the hood and many other such options.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the prices are affected by fluctuating currency exchange rates, changing prices of fabrics and knitted fabrics alongside many other factors.

If you are interested in placing an order and need a quote, write to us at

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