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Ordering clothes sewn from scratch at PGWEAR CUSTOMS You often worry that particular sizes won’t be exactly the same as You expected. Depending on a given country, different standards apply, therefore we understand Your doubts.

We always recommend You the range of sizes that we use when we create clothes for PGWEAR SHOP. These clothes are sewn according to templates perfected throughout years. These sizes are very close to popular European brands. Many of You know them well and if not – You can know them after 2-3 days by ordering the samples in our shop. Of course we can provide You a table of sizes that precisely describes the most significant sizes of clothes.

We are aware that our standard sizes may not suit all of You. Therefore we are ready for various kinds of alterations. You can decide e.g. to shorten or lengthen a T-shirt, to narrow or broaden the sleeves etc. So everything depends on Your requirements. In cases when such alterations will not suffice, You can also send us clothes which are perfect according to You. The specialists dealing with templates in cooperation with the cutting room will enable us to transfer these sizes to the products ordered by You.

Below we present standard size tables for T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies. For more write to us at

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