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We have repeatedly encouraged you to order clothing in advance. Creating a design, fine-tuning it and the right production period takes time. Now we encourage you to order products with warm days in mind!
You know exactly what we recommend for summer: shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, baseball caps and swimming shorts. Not all of you may realize that by ordering clothes you can additionally adapt them to the summer heat. What solutions do we use at PGWEAR Customs?

  1. In case of shirts for the summer season we recommend lower weights of cotton knitted fabrics. The standard weight of 205g can be replaced by a knitted fabric of e.g. 170g without affecting its quality. Polyester fabrics, so-called breathable fabrics, are also ideal. Their mesh structure will provide you with the highest comfort during hot weather.
  2. Sweatshirts – for summer we recommend loop knitted fabrics, they are definitely thinner and more comfortable to wear on summer days.
  3. Jackets, which you order for colder evenings – we produce them from thinner materials, with a higher degree of breathability than the fabrics used during the winter season. We particularly recommend rain jackets with a thin mesh lining or those made from thin softshell Drytex by PGWEAR fabric.
  4. Prints – very often we suggest you use water-based inks, which are perfect for sunny days. They are ultra thin so they don’t affect the breathability of knitted fabrics.

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