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PGWEAR CUSTOMS offers you a wide choice of imported and tailor-made clothes, depending on your individual preferences relating to their quality and price. You can choose T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other imported clothes of the highest quality from a large selection of brands including B&C, SOLS, or Fruit of the Loom. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend tailor-made clothes that are sewn from scratch according to your individual taste.

The major advantage of tailor-made clothes are their high quality. We do not stint on materials and we use fabrics and threads of the best quality when producing such clothes. Thanks to that our products look good and are durable. Moreover, you can select your own fabrics. For instance, you may choose fabrics of different thickness for you tailor-made sweatpants or sweatshirts, jackets can be made from microfiber or nylon – the choice always lies with you.

Another important advantage of tailor-made clothes is the possibility of choosing your individual cut. As a rule, the clothing brands enumerated above use one or two standard cuts to produce their T-shirts or sweatshirts. PGWEAR Customs lets you select your individual cut or size as well as introduce other personalised modifications. If you opt for T-shirts with shorter sleeves that fit tightly to your arms, we can make them for you. If you do not like hooded sweatshirts with a big front pocket, we may replace it with side pockets, as opposed to imported clothes that cannot be modified according to your individual preferences. The number of possibilities is endless – we are open to your suggestions.

You also enjoy much more liberty to personalise your tailor-made clothes. You may combine various colours and accessories. T-shirts or sweatshirts can be made from stripes, they may have colourful gussets, sleeves in different colours, or colourful welts. You may select a contrasting colour for the strings of your hood or even for the hood itself.  As for polo shirts, you can choose the colour of the stripes of the collar and sleeves. The choice is really big and you can rely on your personal preferences and taste.

The sewing process of tailor-made clothes allows for more liberty when it comes to printing. The size of prints on ready-made, imported products is limited for technical reasons. When producing tailor-made clothes, the printing process takes place before sewing up the given parts of the clothes, thanks to which prints may be very wide, for example they can reach from one armpit to another or from top to bottom.

If you would like to order our tailor-made clothes, contact us at the following e-mail address:

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