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There are thousands of custom-made clothing companies. Many of them fail right after launch, and new ones spring up in their place. PGWEAR Customs has been operating for 15 years. From the very beginning in 2006, the highest product quality has been a priority to us. We take great pride in regularly hearing positive feedback from our customers. What makes PGWEAR Customs products better than those from other manufacturers? It is crucial to meet a number of conditions at each stage of production:

  • Already at the design stage, the knowledge and experience of our graphic designers proves to be extremely important. The project sent by you must be properly adapted to our production capabilities. Our graphic studio will also offer you alternative versions of visualization. Often, their experience allows them to significantly improve the final reception of the project by making small changes.
  • The selection of the best materials and decorating methods is also of great importance. Over the last 15 years, we have managed to establish cooperation with the best producers of knitted fabrics and fabrics. Many of them are produced only for us in order to best meet the requirements of our customers. The only printing method we use is screen printing. Despite the existence of many cheaper and easier methods only this one can ensure a perfect appearance and durability of the print. In the case of other decorating methods, i.e. embroidery, patches, labels – we follow the same principles: we focus on the highest quality rather than savings.
  • The quality of sewing patterns is often underestimated by other manufacturers but to us it’s a priority. They determine whether you like clothing from PGWEAR Customs or not. All the sewing patterns we use are perfected so that the clothing fits you well, is comfortable and practical. Our template database currently numbers about several hundred pieces. However, nothing prevents our experienced technologists from creating a new template specially for you.
  • Despite meeting conditions 1-3, the final effect may still fall through. The perfect design, the best materials and a perfected sewing pattern are not enough if the whole thing is sewn in a sloppy manner. Therefore, at each stage of cutting and sewing, we conduct regular quality control so that a protruding thread or a crooked seam do not spoil the final effect.

At PGWEAR Customs, we produce the highest quality clothing, and not advertising gadgets!
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