We have already written about the advantages of classic embroideries (link). Apart from embroidering directly on clothes, we can also offer You embroidered patches.

They present themselves equally good as embroideries and apart from that they have many advantages.  They can be used when:

– You need patches to be sewed on e.g. an old jacket, a jumper, a backpack,

– an old-school appearance is important for You

– You order the production which a direct embroidery is not possible for technical reasons, e.g. a jumper or a jacket imported with a logo on the sleeve, classic embroidery would require unstitching the seams in order to provide the access for embroidering machine

– You want to be able to uncouple the patch – there is a possibility to fasten the patches with buttons or Velcro fastening – if necessary You can uncouple the patch

– You are afraid that embroidery on Your T-shirt will be significantly lowering the comfort of wearing  – the patch is more comfortable, it is not felt on the inside

When ordering the patches at PGWEAR Customs You can certainly decide about their size. Most often these are round or rectangular patches, however if necessary there is also a possibility to create more complicated shapes.

If You are interested in ordering embroidered patches, write to us at the following address: customs@pgwear.net

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