A graphic design studio is absolutely essential to our everyday work. This is a place where the actual execution of every order begins. Usually, the files we get from You are far from perfect and proper preparation is required before the production process starts. Our graphic designers propose effective solutions to make sure the final product looks just perfect. They assist You in selecting appropriate colors, details and decoration techniques. They may suggest modifications which will significantly improve the perception of Your product while keeping or even lowering its production costs.

Our graphic design studio plays a very important role in the screen printing process. It is impossible to deliver good imprints without careful and adequate preparation of Your files. The same applies to embroidery services.

The production process starts once You have accepted our final visualizations. Such visualizations show Your product along with all additional information such as location and size of imprints and embroideries, selected colors and details.

Submit Your order to PGWEAR CUSTOMS and see how good it is to cooperate with our graphic design studio. E-mail us at customs@pgwear.net

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