We have already presented you with the advantages of screen printing (link). We also described the separate stages of the printing process (link).

All types of screen prints are of the highest quality. They are durable and they reproduce details and colours perfectly. Nevertheless, some of you are more demanding customers. In order to meet your individual needs, we would like to offer incredible prints with special effects for your sweatshirts, T-shirts, or sweatpants. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Convex puff print – made from 3D ink, some elements of the imprint are convex, depending on your individual preferences; such an imprint produces a great visual effect and you can also feel its convex shape yourself.

Gel printing – the entire imprint or some of its parts are covered with an additional layer of transparent paint; this type of imprint is convex, it may look like rubber and create a glowing effect.

Glow-in-the-dark print – made from special phosphorescent ink; this imprint glows in the dark.

Print with the cracking effect – made from the ink that produces an intentional cracked surface after drying. This type of imprint will make your clothes look special and old school.

Imprinted imitation leather – convex print that is produced from the mixture of 2 types of inks of different levels of hardness. Such an imprint provides an authentic feel and look of natural leather.

Water-based ink imprint – thanks to the special type of water-based ink, the imprint is practically imperceptible.

If you would like to order clothes with such prints or to learn more about them send us e-mail to address: customs@pgwear.net

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