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The unique character of clothing is confirmed by its appearance and high quality.  For clothes you order from PGWEAR Customs to be exceptional, a number of conditions must be met:


Clothing design depends on you. Your tastes and needs are the most important for individual orders. Without a perfect cut, even a little complicated design can lose its charm. With an underdeveloped tailoring template, no size of your choice will be perfect.

At PGWEAR Customs we have a database of several hundred, refined tailoring templates. We also employ technologists who, thanks to many years of experience, are able to create perfect templates for new projects.


A perfect cut is not enough if the materials used to sew the clothes are of poor quality. In some cases, the appearance of the new product itself leaves a lot of room for improvement. In others, impeccable appearance disappears after a few washes. Therefore, it is extremely important that all materials used in the production process are proven and durable.

At PGWEAR Customs, we only work with suppliers that prioritize quality. When ordering clothing at PGWEAR Customs you can be sure that even a few years of use and hundreds of washes will not negatively affect your clothing. Long-term cooperation also allows us to use knitwear and fabrics produced on our special order. Among them, there are also materials with special properties, e.g. breathable drytex fabric – with a high degree of water resistance.


The vast majority of projects contain graphic elements that are applied in the form of embroidery, patches or prints. The aesthetics of these elements, of course, has a huge impact on the final look of your clothing.

At PGWEAR Customs, we only use proven decorating methods. Most prints on cotton knitwear are made with the only right technique in our opinion – screen printing. This is a relatively expensive, labour-intensive method, requiring extensive experience. In our opinion, however, it provides the best results – prints look perfect for many years. Also, in the case of other decorating methods – i.e. sublimation prints, embroidery, patches – we assume that quality, and not production cost is the most important. We do not save on paints, threads and machinery. Combined with the experience of our employees, they guarantee the best possible results.


By meeting all the conditions of the above points, a good end result can still be missed. The perfect cut, good quality materials and perfect decorations will not please you for long, if during the cutting and sewing processes you run out of care and detail. Broken threads or crooked seams will spoil the whole effect.

All PGWEAR Customs production processes take place in Poland, in Białystok. 30 experienced seamstresses make every effort to make every single seam perfect. Regular quality checks are your guarantee that you will get a perfectly sewn product.

At PGWEAR Customs, we produce the highest quality clothing, not advertising gadgets!

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