In the previous articles, you were presented with a wide range of design options for tailor-made clothes (link). We also described a number of details that will let you personalise your clothes, e.g. by adding colourful cuffs, gussets, or other accessories as well as by modifying the cut.

Today, we would like to show you a few additional details thanks to which you may also personalise your clothing. It would be difficult to describe all possible options so we decided to focus on cotton hoodie:

Choose your own fabrics – your personalised hoodie can be made from fabrics of different thickness, ranging from 280 to 400g/m2. We suggest 100% cotton, cotton with a small amount of elastane or a 80/20 cotton-polyester blend.  These types of fabrics are pleasant to the touch, warm, and breathable. We may finish the inside of your garment with your individually selected fabric – you may select soft combed material or a bit rough loop-knit fabric.

Choose your zipper – you may select the colour of your zipper. We also offer a large selection of zipper types including coil zippers with thin teeth or molded zippers with thick teeth. You can also choose copper-coloured or silver-coloured metal zippers. YKK products provide zippers of the highest quality so as to make you feel satisfied with your choice.

Choose your hood string – you may decide about the colour or shape of your hood strings and even about the ends of the strings. Round-section strings may be burnt on their ends, sewn together, ended with plastic caps, or frayed. Flat strings can be sewn together with X-shaped seam or decorated with a small jacquard tag. We offer strings of different length and thickness. We can also replace strings with elastic drawstrings with plastic regulators.

Choose your own seams  – you may select the colour and type of your seams. We offer both standard and decorative seams.

If you would like to order our PGWEAR Customs tailor-made clothes or if you any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address:

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